Ram Dealership near St Thomas

Ram Dealership near St. Thomas

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Ram is a promise of strength, tenacity, and performance. Every truck bearing that emblem lives up to the promise, delivering their absolute best and providing the towing capacity, the cargo-handling ability, and the engine power each Ram owner expects.

With a range of sizes in the line, there is a Ram to suit any crew that needs a reliable workhorse on their team. These trucks are also great at providing features that are integral to successful work, including available storage and organizing spaces, cargo handling accessories, and charging stations.

Our selection of Ram vehicles is bound to impress any truck aficionado, because we have the best models of the Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500. Visit us to discover the most thorough and dedicated Ram dealership near St. Thomas.


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We may have an extensive inventory but we still deliver the personalized service you'd expect from a small-town dealership.


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Why Choose Dale Wurfel Chrysler

Dale Wurfel Chrysler - Take Your Pick of Trucks

Take Your Pick of Trucks

If you know that the Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 are the most capable vehicles in their class, than you know that regardless of your choice of Ram vehicle, you will experience an absolutely amazing and hardworking truck. Visit our Ram dealership near St. Thomas today.

Dale Wurfel Chrysler - Built For Any Crazy Weather near St. Thomas

Built For Any Crazy Weather near St. Thomas

The weather outside could be perfect sunshine, a raging storm, or a swirling snowdrift, but inside your Ram, you will hardly feel the difference, because the advanced engineering and features such as traction control, all-wheel drive, and many others are keeping you safe and in total control of the road.

Dale Wurfel Chrysler - No Weaknesses, Only Strengths Here

No Weaknesses, Only Strengths Here

If a Ram were asked to name a weakness at an interview, it really wouldn't have anything to say, because this truck is designed to deliver outstanding performance while also offering all other incredible possibilities - infotainment technology, comfort, fuel economy, and much more. Discover the benefits of driving a Ram at Dale Wurfel Chrysler.

Dale Wurfel Chrysler - One Choice Turns Into Many at Our Ram Dealership

One Choice Turns Into Many at Our Ram Dealership

You're set on driving away in the Ram 1500 but that doesn't mean that you're done with the selection process. Our inventory offers a wide variety of Ram 1500 trucks, each one has a different configuration of features. Let us help you select the perfect one for you by visiting the best Ram Dealership near St. Thomas - Dale Wurfel Chrysler.

Ram Dealership near St. Thomas