Protection Packages

NanoCrystal Paint Protection

Nano-technology delivers a whole new level of paint protection. Paint technology has advanced significantly over the years and so have the number of environmental hazards that can destroy your vehicle's finish. Even as your new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, the paint finish is not protected against the elements.
Superior painted surface protection technology in a two-coating application utilizing Nano-Molecular science to increase the density of the surface application by literally billions.
Diamond Kote NanoCrystal Paint Protection is a unique transparent cross-link polymer formulation featuring durable fluoro polymer additives and ultraviolet filters. Our Paint Protection bonds to the painted surface in a continuous film that acts as a sacrificial barrier between the paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day.
DK 9000 Platinum Rust Module

The world's most technologically advanced corrosion control module advanced applied science for your vehicle. Vehicle corrosion is a natural process of deterioration of steel due to an electrochemical reaction with the environment. The DK 9000 Corrosion Management System combines electronically controlled impressed current, and sacrificial anode technology to repel the increased flow of electrons away from steel.
To combat the natural electrochemical process of rust, the DK 9000 Platinum series emits a low voltage regulated electrical current throughout your vehicle's metal to attract and neutralize the free electrons.
Highly advanced state of the art technology combats the electrochemical cause of rust by sending a positively charged current throughout the metal of your vehicle to cancel the negative free electrons which are naturally present and constantly fuelling the rust process. Crafted with components from the worlds most respected electronics manufacturers, the 'thinking'module lets you know how hard it's working while while even protecting your battery. The New Protection Output indicator on the face of the module clearly shows the vehicle owner when the module is working; and the more water present - the harder the DK 9000 Platinum Edition works to prevent the corrosion process in your vehicle.
In addition to the impressed current method of protection, the DK 9000 offers an extra level of corrosion prevention. The DK 9000 sacrificial anodes possess a lower corrosion potential than steel and a naturally higher positive charge than the vehicle body and thereby become consumed by corrosion, ahead of the vehicle's steel. The DK 9000 provides the total peace-of-mind that your car and your battery are protected regardless of the environmental conditions that promote rust and metallic decay.
Interior Protection

Your vehicle's interior deserves an invisible shield. We spend more time in our vehicles than ever before, so it is inevitable that at some point, someone (or something) will soil your vehicle's fabric carpet or seats. It's a part of life and a significant detractor from your vehicle's resale value. We make sure that no spill becomes a permanent stain on your vehicle's interior fabric. Protect your vehicle's interior to keep it looking newer, longer.
Fabric Protection

holstery protection to feature the significantly enhanced concentration and durability of Nano-hybrid chemistry. Penetrating deep into the fabric and forming an invisible shield around each and every fibre, this delays and inhibits the penetration of frustrating spills such as coffee, tea, milk, and soda - without affecting the fabric's natural texture. This product is backed by a fully insured warranty and guaranteed to last.

Leather & Vinyl Protection

The Diamond Kote Leather & Vinyl Protection creates an invisible semi-permeable barrier which protects all leather and vinyl surfaces from accidental spills. Its unique chemistry allows the leather to breathe naturally and maintain the necessary natural moisture balance to ensure a smooth supple finish for a long time. Unlike most commercial leather and vinyl treatments, this Diamond Kote product utilizes a unique semi-permeable water-based formula that keeps most stains from penetrating, allowing for quick and easy clean up. This product is backed by a fully insured warranty and guaranteed to last.




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