Mopar Service Contracts


Today's vehicles have more advanced technology than ever before. Safety features like Electronic Stability Control, Collision Sensors and Blind Spot Monitoring help keep you feeling secure. 3-D Navigation, Hands-Free Voice Command systems and Dual Zone Electronic Climate Control systems keep you connected and comfortable. Mopar Vehicle Protection plans provide peace of mind coverage for all of your vehicle's advanced technology systems.

Today's vehicles can have as many as 50 microprocessors that communicate over your vehicle's own internal high speed digital networks. Modern technicians must have the tools and training to interpret what your car is saying. Mopar factory-trained technicians speak your vehicle's language.

You own your car - it shouldn't own you.

New Vehicle Service Contract

Life is busy. You're busy. Whether you're ferrying kids back and forth or stuck in traffic, there never seems to be enough time for you - let alone your car. Maybe that's why regular vehicle maintenance often falls by the wayside. After all, it's easy to put off scheduling a tune-up when you're faced with an increasingly hectic day.

What's that light on my dash?

Did I miss my last service appointment?

You may try to tell yourself that it's probably nothing but... But it can be better - much better.

An FCA Canada Inc. Service Contract can help you get the extra care you deserve. While it can't control inflation, or the price of the gas, an FCA Canada Inc. New Vehicle Service Contract can protect you from the rising cost of maintenance and mechanical repairs. It can also be rolled into your regular car payments, spreading the costs throughout your ownership period and best of all, any covered maintenance and repair work features genuine Mopar parts. FCA Canada Inc. Service Contracts keep us connected to you, our loyal customer, as we strive to build your next vehicle even better.

Complete as your manufacturer's warranty is, it might not suit everyone's driving needs, nor does it cover the regular maintenance needed to keep your vehicle in peak condition. An FCA Canada Inc. New Vehicle Service Contract will customize your warranty from the day of delivery and continue where it leaves off. Today's vehicles are different. They're more fuel-efficient and technologically advanced. Innovation has spurred the development of intricate parts that are engineered to work together, and one simple repair could lead to an entire system check.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Roadside assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, nationwide for the duration of the plan including towing to the nearest FCA Canada Inc. retailer and an emergency flat tire change
  • Car rental allowance any time a covered component fails, and repairs take overnight
  • No deductible
  • North America-wide service
  • Transferable at no cost
  • Enhances resale value
  • No commitment for 60 days
  • Travel planning
  • Trip Interruption - reimbursement for hotel, meals, or return transportation expenses

Quality Pre-Owned Service Contract

Your new, pre-owned vehicle didn't just leave the factory floor, but there's no reason it can't look, feel and drive that way. After all, it is your new car. It deserves to get the most coverage it can, so you can drive it safely and comfortably for the duration of your ownership period. An extended warranty can help you maintain your new ride's longevity and protect you form the sudden cost of repairs.

Your pre-owned vehicle has passed a mechanical inspection and is eligible for Quality Pre-Owned Vehicle extended warranties available with a Chrysler Service Contract. The cost of a service contract can be added to your regular car payments and any covered maintenance and repair work features genuine Mopar parts. Plus, your warranty is fully transferable should you ever sell your vehicle.

Today's vehicles have more technology than ever. Who better to service your vehicle than an authorized retailer of the company that built it.



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