A Complete Guide to Setting Up the Uconnect App on Your Jeep

A Complete Guide to Setting Up the Uconnect App on Your Jeep


For the Jeep enthusiasts of the Great White North, embracing innovation is equally vital as appreciating our beautiful country's rugged terrain. Keeping this spirit alive, we at Dale Wurfel Chrysler present a detailed, user-friendly guide on getting started with the Uconnect App, tailoring it, especially for our fellow Ontarians.


Unravelling Uconnect

Imagine a system so intuitive that it melds effortlessly with the legacy of Jeep and Chrysler. That's Uconnect for you. An award-winning platform, it offers more than just advanced connectivity; it provides a bond between you, your vehicle, and the road you traverse.


Uconnect App: Your Vehicle's Digital Companion

Venturing into Ontario's picturesque landscapes? The Uconnect App ensures you never feel detached from your vehicle:


  • Remote Commands: Be it in bustling Toronto or serene Muskoka; start your engine, lock, or unlock your doors right from your smartphone.
  • Destination Search: Planning a spontaneous visit to Niagara Falls? Quickly search and transmit destinations from your phone to your Jeep's navigation system.
  • Vehicle Locator: At a crowded Maple Leafs game parking? Fret not; Vehicle Finder is at your rescue.


Moreover, receive or make calls hands-free once you pair your phone with Uconnect. Simply answer a few prompts about your vehicle and phone, and voilà!


Entertainment Reimagined: SiriusXM

The Canadian roads, long and winding, demand a companion like SiriusXM All Access. Whether you're grooving to Drake's beats or catching up on the NHL scores, SiriusXM offers an unprecedented entertainment spectrum. Explore over 300 channels anywhere you go, whenever you want.


SiriusXM Guardian: Your Guardian Angel On The Go

SiriusXM Guardian ensures you're never truly alone on your journey:


  • SOS Call: Accidents or health scares; the SOS button is your direct line to emergency services.
  • Automatic SOS Call: In dire situations, like airbag deployment, a live agent is just seconds away, ensuring prompt assistance.
  • Roadside Assistance Call: Minor hiccups like a tire puncture shouldn’t stall your adventures. Just a click and help is dispatched right to your location.


The allure of Uconnect is its adaptability and flawless fusion, particularly with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.


Step-by-Step Uconnect Setup

For our fellow Ontarians, from the bustling streets of Ottawa to the tranquil shores of Lake Huron, setting up Uconnect is a breeze:


In-Vehicle Registration

  • First, hit the "Assist" button found on your rearview mirror.
  • Select the "Uconnect Care" emblem on your interactive display.
  • Let the agent take over and handle the details.


Online Registration:

  • Click the Uconnect apps button, select Register by Web.
  • Enter your email.
  • Follow the registration link in your inbox, create an account, and kickstart your trial.


Pairing Your Phone with Uconnect:

  • Press your vehicle’s Uconnect button.
  • Post voice prompt, say “setup” followed by “phone pairing.”
  • Say “pair a phone,” provide the four-digit PIN for your system refer to your vehicle’s manual.
  • Confirm with “yes.”
  • Name your phone, assign a priority number.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your phone, look for “Uconnect.”
  • Select “Uconnect,” enter the system’s PIN. 
  • Upon hearing "pairing complete," you're all geared up and ready!


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With this guide, Dale Wurfel Chrysler bridges the gap between innovation and adventure for all Jeep enthusiasts in Canada. Your Jeep isn’t just about the destination or the journey; it's about embracing the future while relishing every drive. If you need hands-on assistance or are looking to explore more innovative features of our vehicles, visit our dealership in Ontario. Dive into the world of Uconnect with Dale Wurfel Chrysler – where technology meets the open road. Schedule your appointment today!

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